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In today’s Enterprise IT landscape, it is difficult for a single company to provide the full range and scope that a serious IT department needs. Most of those needs are in the areas of Datacenter or Cloud, Hardware, Software, Services, and Management. 

We cannot cover all the areas, and strongly feel that no single company should specialize in all disciplines. We take know our niche, and polish the skills needed to best deliver those services, which includes bringing in our technology partners.  The same way our partners bring the Digital Edge team as a part of the solution to their clients. 

Our closest Alliance Partners are:

KDDI America and Telehouse America – communication and datacenter providers. They are our home, where Digital Edge runs our cloud infrastructure. We also have capabilities to support technology in all Telehouse Datacenters. 

Telx – another datacenter provider and our second home in Dallas. We have capabilities to support clients in all Telx datacenters. 

Fujitsu, Dell, HP and EMC – our hardware manufacturing partners. We have direct connections with them. We don’t have to order a dispatch to fix hardware – we can order parts directly and don’t have to get their support involved, providing remediation faster. 

VMWare – our platform partner. Half of the Digital Edge cloud is running VMWare software. The second half is funning an open source virtualization. 

We also have software development partners:

Intellectsoft – a company built expressly for the purpose of satisfying application development needs. They are versatile, with software development services that now span 13 of the most demanded types of technology.  

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