Going to the Cloud

Cloud computing is a powerful, agile model that can positively impact any business out there. As long as it’s deployed properly, that is. This means good planning, a solid infrastructure, and a use-case which directly fits what the cloud can deliver.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (click on image to enlarge)

With that in mind, Digital Edge helps organizations with their cloud migrations or architectural changes to existing cloud deployments concentrating on:   

Compliance, Regulator, and Workload

Unless it’s a very secured and well-planned private cloud solution – many cloud architectures leverage some shared elements of infrastructure. This might mean sharing bandwidth, hardware, security perimeters or utilizing a data center to host your cloud solution. If you’re in an industry or organization which is heavily monitored by some compliance or regulation – Digital Edge will help you to answer all questions concerning security, compliance and regulations. Furthermore, some implementations might have a workload that simply must live on premise and just not suitable for cloud or will not be efficient in the cloud.

Tailor Your Environment

Deploying an excellent cloud solution can mean using pieces from storage, LAN/WAN, servers, virtualization, user control and assembling them all together. If done improperly, there’s a good chance that performance degradation may be experienced, regardless of the resources allocated to the workload. This is where analyzing the ROI and the business investment is critical to a good cloud solution. Digital Edge Operations engineers are cloud-ready and armed with technologies and tools to support your cloud model.







Business Evolution

When looking at the cloud, it’s important to know how it will behave both now and in the future. A good use-case will see a technology perform for today’s business needs and tomorrow’s as well. Digital Edge will assist clients’ managers and IT administrators to see how their business challenges will evolve with the needs of the business and the industry. Without a flexible cloud model, the solution can become limited and even burdensome very fast. Accounting for processes like testing, maintenance, business continuity, and even personnel training are all very important. With the right model in place and a good infrastructure, the cloud can be a powerful platform to leverage. However, with the wrong mind-set and a poorly planned deployment, a cloud model can quickly become a cash-drain. Our knowledge of how the infrastructure will behave both today and tomorrow makes our solutions robust and efficient.

Digital Edge guarantees that Stability, Security, Efficiency and Compliance be the core of every solution and service we provide.

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