Proactive Support/ NOC

Digital Edge’s IT Support will meet the most demanding needs of your technology environment and operational workflow. Digital Edge specializes in not only in proactive and full coverage monitoring, support automation, but is also tooled and trained to perform top tier efficiency in support, including help desk functionality for backend, datacenter, WAN environments as well as modern VDI implementations and Mobile office topologies and data security support.


Our promise to all of our clients is Stability, Security, Efficiency and Compliance. Focusing on stability as a high priority, Digital Edge implements PROACTIVE support.

If a user notices a problem – it is too late. Using the most sophisticated monitoring capabilities (See Monitoring and Remediation), we can predict a problem and give the support team enough information to analyze and react.

How We Deliver

Our 24/7 NOC operation staff assesses warnings and alerts in real time and reacts accordingly. (See Network Operations Center)

We work with our clients to define and configure the best Standard Operation Procedures for your organization. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) should be an integral part of any IT department. Any Standard Operating Procedures should be clearly defined and documented, attached to the processes, incidents and/or alerts, and easily accessible to the entire IT team.

Combining our 24/7 capabilities with monitoring/remediation services and Standard Operation Procedures, Digital Edge provides true proactive support – finding a solution to a problem, before there is a problem – ensuring the stability and continuity your IT operation.

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