Monitoring & Remediation

Anybody can download and install monitoring software, discover all their devices and implement monitoring for their entire enterprise. The real challenge is confronting and being responsible for real as well as, sometimes an overwhelming number of false positive alerts on a 24/7 basis. Digital Edge delivers both outstanding monitoring and incidents handling, so that you do not have to worry about analyzing or troubleshooting any alerts and can better focus on your business strategy.

We can extend our monitoring system into your environment or integrate with you monitoring platform, so our Network Operations Center (NOC) will pick up alerts from your monitoring system and react according to your escalation procedures.

Our monitoring software is one of the most complex, comprehensive, and integrated solution existing on the market today. We feel that Digital Edge’s capabilities are unique, some of them are:

  • Digital Edge monitors sequential or parallel business processes, such as batch jobs with prediction of completion;
  • Digital Edge uses multi-step web application monitoring, simulating user’s actions and alerting based on unexpected results or deviation of the response time.
  • Digital Edge monitors events that happened or NOT happened in a specific period of time.
  • Digital Edge has the ability to aggregate data from “inside” monitoring with “outside” monitoring on one single dashboard.
  • Digital Edge has an ability to link escalation procedures to events per device, application or group of applications.

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