Backup & DR Solution

The following questions have to be answered while you are planning your backup and DR strategy:

  • Do you have a fully defined Business Continuity Plan (BCP), including RPOs and RTOs?
  • Did you include monitoring and verification procedures?
  • What is your protocol and frequency for testing?
  • What is your approach for analyzing and optimizing your solution?
  • Have you considered Cloud Backup Service, Cloud Storage Service, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

Digital Edge can help you to answer these questions and meet your Business Continuity Plan’s goals and objectives.

Digital Edge provides services that go beyond software and storage. We work together with our clients to develop policies, implement them, and validate the implementation.

We run frequently scheduled Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that test the functionality of the overall solution. As business and technology evolve, Digital Edge ensures that all critical systems are recoverable based on your overall Business Continuity Plan (BCP) requirements.

We continually optimize Backup and DR technology to guarantee that our clients do not waste any capacities and resources. For example, we do not implement a repetitive backup of the entire VM snapshot, if that VM instance is a dedicated Database Server. Databases have their own highly efficient mechanisms for backup which we use to preserve transactional data integrity and to provide fast recoverability.

For Disaster Recovery solutions most of the systems should be replicated directly using internal mechanisms vs. utilizing global mechanisms like VMWare instance mirroring. Proprietary mechanisms are less wasteful and allow smoother fail over.

For instance:

  • Active Directory synchronization;
  • Exchange DAG mechanisms;
  • Microsoft SQL Server mirroring;
  • Oracle Data Guard;
  • MySQL mirroring;
  • Storage volume replicators or shadow copies.

Digital Edge will help you deliver a solid Business Continuity Solution by documenting your business requirements, including RPOs and RTOs, providing comprehensive design, implementing 24/7 monitoring, and verification.

Let our free “Proof of Concept” Program show you how valuable Digital Edge can be to your business. We can build your test-drive environment, so you can experience firsthand our Backup and Disaster Recovery services and see why we are so proud of what we have to offer!

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