Backup Management

Backup is a crucial and integral part of any enterprise, however tedious and very time consuming it may be.

  • Jobs failures;
  • Free space runs out;
  • Tapes need to be rotated and sent offsite;
  • Backups have to be verified and validated as often as possible;

You don’t have to worry about backups if you are in one of Digital Edge’s datacenters:

  1. Digital Edge runs its own backup infrastructure.
  2. Digital Edge offers instant access to on demand backup storage.
  3. Digital Edge manages offsite tapes, storage, and tape rotations.
  4. Digital Edge provides backup software or can integrate with your own backup software, monitor it and address any failures.
  5. Digital Edge’s backup network can be used as offsite/cloud based storage with disks only or disk-to-tapes methodology.

Digital Edge can play a critical role in your Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Plan where we verify and validate backups on schedule bases with compliance reporting. Let Digital Edge’s “Proof of Concept” program show you how valuable our Backup Management solution can be to your business!

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